reconnect with nature…find yourself anew.

At Waves of Superior Spa, nurturing you is our second nature. Our treatments and services are inspired by our natural surroundings, which are spectacular, pristine and holistic.

Here, nestled between the Sawtooth Mountains, a forest of pine and birch, and the magnificent Lake Superior shoreline, we have created an oasis of tranquility for relaxing the mind, relieving the body and rejuvenating the spirit.

Waves of Superior Spa takes its cue from the greatest of lakes. Clean and pure. Powerful and peaceful. The sound of the lapping waves will calm you. The roar of crashing waves against the rocky coast will touch your soul. And the cool mountain air will refresh you with every deep, restorative breath.

When the pace and stress of life sap you of your vitality. Let nature restore you. Come test the waters and discover the restorative powers of Waves of Superior Spa on Lake Superior.